The World’s Best Film School Is Free on YouTube


The YouTube Film School scene just keeps growing, in part because viewers love watching them. Want more Fincher knowledge? You can learn about how he made music videos from Patrick Willems, dig into the “invisible details” in his work with kaptainkristian, or get a 14-minute breakdown on lots of his tricks from The Film Guy. These videos offer so many new ways to watch movies, TV, or anything else. You might grow fascinated with how texting is represented on screen, learn why a focus-puller is so important, or discover how color tints can completely change the way you experience a film.

The YouTube Film School instills a new appreciation for why props matter, how foley art works (and what foley art is), and why a one-shot or a dolly zoom can hijack your brain and make you feel something. “You have these film-school people who are like, ‘Let me tell you what you’re feeling intuitively about what Spielberg is trying to do to your brain,’” says Jason Kottke, a prominent blogger and YouTube Film School fan whose posts turned me on to many of these creators. “There’s been film criticism as long as there’s been films,” he says, “but writing about film is a little like dancing about architecture. Video lends itself really well to looking at how these moviemakers put things together.” Whether you want to be a filmmaker yourself, or just want to understand more about why movies matter and what they do to your brain, it’s all right there on YouTube. Like and subscribe.