Why Germans Can Say Things No One Else Can

The Book of Life explains that it’s all down to compound words:

Futterneid [Food-Envy].  That feeling when you’re eating with other people and realise that they’ve ordered something better than you.

Backpfeifengesicht [Slapping-face].  A face that’s begging to be slapped.

Kummerspeck [Sorrow-Fat].  When one is deeply sad, there is simply nothing more consoling to do than to head for the kitchen and eat.

Treppenwitz [Stair-Joke].  In French, Espirit d’escalier.  The retort you think of when it is too late.

Schnappsidee [Schnapps-idea]. An idea you had while drunk.

Drachenfutter [Dragon-food]. A gift that one has to offer to one’s spouse to appease their fury for a wrong one has committed.