Twitter Has Become a Park Filled With Bats and Perverts

New York Magazine:

To be clear, multiple Twitter employees were kind enough to reach out to offer me assistance with my particular case, and Twitter eventually sent me an email reversing their decision. One employee also assured me that Twitter is trying to make headway in making its service safer for women — and I’m sure that it is! — but as it stands, the dickheads still have the advantage. Do I think Twitter owes me anything? Nah. It just used to be a fun and pleasant place, which now feels totally inhospitable to women. That’s not a place I want to be.

Let me try to explain how I see it. Twitter is like a beloved public park that used to be nice, but now has a rusty jungle gym, dozens of really persistent masturbators, and a nighttime bat problem. Eventually the Parks Department might rip up the jungle gym, and make some noise about fixing the other problems, because that’s what invisible administrators like Twitter staff and municipal recreation departments tend to do. But if the perverts and the bats got to be bad enough with no recourse, you’d probably just eventually stop going.

(Additionally frustrating is that everybody is complaining about the safety issues at the park, and instead of addressing them, the city installs a crazy new slide. What? Nobody was calling for that. What about the perverts? What about the bats?)

I support public parks, and I support free speech. But getting bombarded with epithets and graphic images does not a love for humanity foster. I don’t know where these beardos got the idea that the First Amendment says, “Do whatever the fuck you want, it’s spring break, bitches.” Why do the laws of order and decency not apply to spaces where other people can’t tell you through basic social cues, or, barring that, Tasing, that you’re being a real asshole?