Twitter Shuts Down Services That Tracked Politicians’ Deleted Tweets In 30 Countries


Two services that tracked deleted tweets by politicians and other diplomats in an effort to maintain a transparent, public record of statements made on social media, Politwoops and its sister site Diplotwoops, have now been cut off from accessing Twitter. According to a post published Sunday by the Open State Foundation, Twitter revoked access to its API for Diplotwoops on Friday, as well as for all the remaining Politwoops sites in 30 countries around the world. The suspension follows that of Twitter’s takedown of the U.S. version of Politwoops in May, citing terms of service violations.

Interesting.  Surely the answer is to separate the retrieval of tweets from the subsequent display.  Create a website that uses the Twitter API and supports their subsequent removal i.e. conforms to the Twitter API.  Then another website can scrape the first site and archive the tweets forever – it’s an independent-of-Twitter entity.  The only constraint will then be some sort of copyright action which would have to be started by the first website, presumably at the prompting of Twitter.