OpenROV is an open-source, low-cost underwater robot for exploration and education.
It’s also a passionate community of professional and amateur ocean explorers and technologists.

OpenROV is capable to reach 75 meter/246 feet of seawater (we’ve taken them past 100m, but max depth depends on build quality). More than double the depth of recreational SCUBA divers.

The OpenROV v2.7 is the best ROV we’ve ever built. It streams HD video back to a surface laptop over an ultra-thin two-wire tether. It maneuvers using the same thruster configuration as previous models, however new hydrodynamic adjustments, new motors, and new motor speed controllers have resulted in greatly improved handling and control, especially in the vertical direction. A new LED board provides even more illumination in the depths, and the lasers provide both scaling and distance measurement capability.

Just wow.